Common Finance Questions


Our finance team has over 40 years combined experience working with 30+ lenders to assist you during your vehicle purchase to ensure that you receive the highest quality of customer service while making certain that you have an excellent understanding of the financial aspect of your ownership experience.

  • How does being self employed affect me?

We work with many lenders that accept self-employment income and/or have special programs for those who are self employed.

  • What if I have had a previous bankruptcy or repossession?

We specialize in re-establishing credit after all different types of credit issues.  Our goal is to help get you back on track with a quality vehicle that you can afford.

  • What about if I do not have money to put down?

We do business with many lenders that have programs available that don’t require a down payment. Our goal is to always help find what works best for you.

  • What if I am on Social Security or Disabled?

We work with many lenders that are flexible with all different income sources and accept fixed incomes.

  • How much income do I need to have?

We work with lenders that have programs which do NOT have a minimum income requirement.

  • Do you report to the major credit reporting agencies?

We do business with lenders that report to each of the three major credit reporting agencies: Transunion, Equifax, and Experian.

  • What if this is my first time buying?

We give everyone the same great customer service whether they are buying their first car or their 100th car.  For those that haven’t bought a car before we work with lenders that offer first-time buyer programs which can be a great way to establish credit.

  • What if my trade in amount due is more than it is worth?

We have a great understanding of our lender’s programs which allows us to help you navigate your way out of any equity position and into another vehicle.

  • How do I buy a car after bankruptcy?

We have found lenders that are ready and willing to work with you as you re-establish your credit after a bankruptcy.  Our team is here to work with you and lead you back to financial freedom!