Oil Change

Oil Changes in Lansing, MI

Keep Your Engine Running with Oil Changes from Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Oil is the component that coats engine parts to prevent heat from affecting other parts, and over time every type of oil collects heat, varnish, and carbons and begins to break down, becoming less effective. Therefore, you need to get a fresh supply regularly by bringing your auto to the Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Service Center for regular oil changes. We use premium synthetic and traditional motor oils as well as Genuine Mopar oil filters to make sure engine stays lubricated and sludge and carbon deposits don’t clog the motor.

The Not-So-Nice Surprises

Surprises are good for birthdays and romance, not high repair bills. So the team at Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Service Centers will give you a cost estimate on repairs before we begin, and if another issue arises, we’ll call you before we do any additional work.


  • Oil change services
  • Synthetic and tradition motor oils
  • High-quality oil filter
  • Fluid checks and refills
  • Maintenance inspections
  • Oil sensor reset

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