Chipped Windshields | Champion CJDR

March 13th, 2019 by


“What’s the big deal? It’s only a little chip.”

Actually, a chipped windshield is one of those a little things that if neglected could quickly turn into a big deal. If you’re not careful, that small chip could end up having a negative effect on both your wallet and possibly your safety. If ignored, a small chip could turn into a crack, maybe a big one, and a serious crack could require you to replace your entire windshield. Now you’re looking at shelling out some serious cash, perhaps as much as $700 to $1,000. And who knows, your insurance company might not be as helpful as you’d expect.

There’s also the issue of safety. Believe it or not, something as small as a chip in the windshield could compromise your vehicle’s overall structural integrity. You see, the windshield contributes a lot to the structural strength of your car, and that’s not something you want to take chances with. Chips in your windshield could also obstruct your vision, so much so that you could be cited for a traffic violation. The bottom line is this: your windshield is important, so don’t put off having a windshield chip repaired. The repair is inexpensive and quick, and it could end up saving you a lot of trouble down the road.

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